Sunshine Coast: Halfmoon Bay

A bit further up from Sechelt is the community of Halfmoon Bay. Grandpa and I scouted the area for beach access and on-shore crabbing opportunities, and to prepare for my Smuggler Cove Paddle.

Sargeant Bay Provincial Park

Our first stop was Sargeant Bay Provincial Park, which grants easy access to a beautiful stretch of rocky beach, albeit with limited parking. If you were able to find parking, though, the ocean is only steps away from your car.

Grandpa has an inflatable raft that is considerably harder to carry and launch than my paddleboard, and the logs and rocks on this beach would have been a challenge.

Coopers Green Park

Next, we headed to Coopers Green Park, which houses a public boat ramp. It would be one the best places on Sunshine Coast for Grandpa to launch his inflatable raft.

The beach here is pebbly, and being a community park, there were more people and activities here.

Grandpa approves!

Halfmoon Bay Public Pier

Finally, we found a perfect place where Grandpa can hang out for a few hours and wait for me on my Smuggler Cove adventure: Halfmoon Bay Pier. There were a few public parking spots down a narrow path past the Halfmoon Bay General Store, and cars are allowed to drive right up to the pier for loading and unloading (but not parking).

Here Grandpa would try his luck on fishing and crabbing with a gorgeous back drop. Unlike the public piers at Davis Bay, Sechelt, and Hopkins Landing, the Halfmoon Bay Pier seems much quieter probably due to lower population density in the vicinity.

This is a part of our 2022 BC Coastal Circle Tour. Read on!

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