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  • Big Bro Takes on Mountain Biking!

    Big Bro Takes on Mountain Biking!

    Route: Tin Pants then Gypsy Drum, in WhistlerDistance: 5.5kmElevation Gain: 82mMoving Time: 44mDifficulty: green This is a momentous occasion, as both Big Bro and I unlocked a new sport at the same time: Mountain Biking! I was somewhat hesitant at first, seeing even I’ve never done a proper mountain biking ride myself. Big Bro and…

  • Barnston Island Regional Park

    Barnston Island Regional Park

    I recently reconnected with Dave, a good friend I met almost 20 years ago at a summer camp, over our blog and outdoor activities. We set up an outdoor reunion and headed to Barnston Island for a fun family bike ride with his lovely family. Barnston Island is formed by Fraser River sediment deposition, between…