Big Bro Takes on Mountain Biking!

Route: Tin Pants then Gypsy Drum, in Whistler
Distance: 5.5km
Elevation Gain: 82m
Moving Time: 44m
Difficulty: green

This is a momentous occasion, as both Big Bro and I unlocked a new sport at the same time: Mountain Biking!

I was somewhat hesitant at first, seeing even I’ve never done a proper mountain biking ride myself. Big Bro and I had ridden some narrow trails in Pacific Spirit Park, but nothing with a real climb.

Thankfully, Johnny was available as our guide and we met up at Passivhaus to start our adventure.

The packed dirt/gravel surfaced single track follows a steady incline from the beginning, with a few rockier sections.

Big Bro’s bike was a single speed Woom 3 (16 inch wheels) with no suspension, but he handled it like a champ. At the steeper sections, he transitioned from biking to walking the bike naturally. He was able to dodge the rocks and find the best path through.

The 82m climb did not pose a challenge for Big Bro. At the view point, we took a break and the only complaint from our little champion was that his arms were sore. I gave him a massage and we carried on the descend through the beautiful woods.

Towards the end of the ride, Big Bro was able to handle the up and downs with more confidence already.

The mountain bike ride was over very quickly, so we biked around some flat, paved trails around the village for another 5km or so, before saying good bye to Johnny.

I was positively amazed that Big Bro was able to complete the ride with grace. If he had a bike with gear shift and suspension, I think he could probably do 10km on a green trail.

This opens a new chapter in our outdoor adventures!

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