Widgeon Creek Fall Paddle

I visited Widgeon Creek this summer with a small group of paddleboarders, and had a great time. I came back in the fall and had a serene solo paddle on a cool (7 degrees celcius) but very sunny day. Tina and the gang came along, but they stayed on shore and explored the nearby dykes and trails.

Crossing Pitt River

This time we drove straight to the Pitt Lake Boat Launch. However, the pit toilets were all locked up and closed due to COVID19. On the flip side, parking was entirely free even with boat trailers.

The parking lot was actually quite busy on a sunny Sunday in November.

I used a dock to launch, which was somewhat wobbly but sturdy enough.

There were still motorboats going up and down Pitt River, but much fewer of them. I had much less trepidation about crossing the river this time. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten better since July! I did paddle more than 30 times this season…

Almost immediately across the river from the boat launch lies the entrance to Widgeon Creek.

Soon I got warm enough to take off the diving gloves.

Unlike my last visit when the water was a muddy red, today the entire creek was crystal clear.

The tide was coming in and the wind was blowing into Widgeon Valley, so I was gliding smoothly and soundlessly without paddling. I could see why people would meditate and do yoga on a SUP. This would have been a perfect place for it. No traffic noise, no human sounds, and no one else in sight.

Because I was basically being pushed deeper into the valley, I was cognizant of the struggle that awaits when I turn around. I made a clear 2-hour trip plan with Tina, and I turned around around 40 minutes in. I fought the current and the wind a little bit and easily won. I doubled back for a little bit more paddling because I was too early for our rendezvous.

A few bald eagles were hunting in the creek.

When it came time to finally head back, the tidal current on Pitt River was getting pretty strong. I was unable to maneuver properly to the dock, but thankfully I was able to pull out at the boat ramp. It would have been a bit scary if I missed the boat ramp too.

  • Difficulty – careful with the wind, the current, and the boat traffic on Pitt River. I still wouldn’t recommend bringing a toddler on the board here.
  • Boat traffic – fewer motorboats than summer time
  • View – fantastic views with very little noise in Widgeon Creek
  • Facilities – pit toilets closed due to covid19
  • Overall score – 8/10

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