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  • Widgeon Creek Fall Paddle

    Widgeon Creek Fall Paddle

    I visited Widgeon Creek this summer with a small group of paddleboarders, and had a great time. I came back in the fall and had a serene solo paddle on a cool (7 degrees celcius) but very sunny day. Tina and the gang came along, but they stayed on shore and explored the nearby dykes…

  • Widgeon Creek Paddle

    Widgeon Creek Paddle

    I went on a day-long paddleboarding trip with a few friends from Pitt River, up Widgeon Creek till the Widgeon Creek Campground. We then went on to do the hike to Widgeon Falls. I was the first to arrive around 8am, so I was rewarded with a serene view of the Pitt-Addington Marsh all by…