Volunteer Park

This is one of daddy’s favourite paddling spots so it naturally becomes our most frequented park. The park is separated in two levels, with a small grassy field on the top level and a long stretch of sandy beach at the bottom. The beach is connected to the popular Kits beach and you can access it by walking over some big rocks.

Volunteer park at sunset
Connection to Kits beach

There are no playground here, and if you have a stroller, it will be very difficult to access the beach from the field since you have to go down a flight of stairs (However, I have seen a brave mom done it but she said it’s extremely tiring)

Stairs connecting the field to the beach

The best thing about this park is it’s spectacular view! On a nice sunny day you can catch the dramatic sunset ocean view with the mountains and boats as the backdrop.

Sunset view from the field


There are several benches here but no picnic tables. I would suggest bringing your own picnic mat and have a nice meal either on the grass or the beach.

Lots of sand for endless fun (or at least for as long as your toddler holds attention, which may be 10 minutes in our case).
Picnic on the grassy field


You can do all sorts of beach activities in this park: playing with sand, finding seashells (there are actually lots of them here ), climbing over big rocks and tree logs, going for a swim or boating/ paddle boarding. There are waves here so if the toddler is going for a dip in the water, it’s important to wear a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult.

Getting ready to launch the paddle board


There are no washroom in this park. However, it’s about 15 minutes walk away from Kits Beach where there are washroom available.


Free street and neighbourhood parking available.

Of course, the main attraction for Dad is paddleboarding.

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