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  • Belcarra Paddle

    Belcarra Paddle

    Belcarra Regional Park encompasses two very popular paddling destinations: Sasamat Lake and Belcarra Picnic Area. When people say they are paddling in Belcarra, they usually mean the latter. An important recent update here is the introduction of paid parking during the peak season. For details: visit the metro van website. After hiking the moderately difficult…

  • Volunteer Park

    Volunteer Park

    This is one of daddy’s favourite paddling spots so it naturally becomes our most frequented park. The park is separated in two levels, with a small grassy field on the top level and a long stretch of sandy beach at the bottom. The beach is connected to the popular Kits beach and you can access…

  • Pacific Spirit Regional Park

    Pacific Spirit Regional Park

    This is our go-to park when we want an easy walk but still want to do some forest exploration with the kids. In fact, the very first time we tested our hiking carrier was in Pacific Spirit Park when our son was just over 7 months old. There is a large network of trails inside…