Pacific Spirit Regional Park

This is our go-to park when we want an easy walk but still want to do some forest exploration with the kids. In fact, the very first time we tested our hiking carrier was in Pacific Spirit Park when our son was just over 7 months old.

Before the toddler was toddling, circa July 2018.

There is a large network of trails inside the park, which spans 700 hectares; however, we usually park at Park Centre Parking Lot and do a loop trail that’s about an hour to complete.

Head of the Cleveland Trail from the parking lot. The building contains a washroom and a water fountain.

We walked north on Cleveland trail and turned left onto Lily-of-the-Valley Trail, which is closed to bikes. We took another left onto Salish trail until we hit an opening onto West 16th Avenue. From this point, you can turn left again onto Heron trail back to the parking lot (ending a quick 30 minute loop) or cross the street and continue onto Salish trail, but this is not a traffic-controlled crossing. We continued onto Salish then left turn again onto Hemlock trail which connects to Nature trail then back onto Cleveland trail, to do another jay-walk style crossing.

The forest walk is also a favorite for Grandpa and Grandma.

It’s amazing to have such a well-kept piece of wilderness so close to the city. One can almost picture Vancouver a few hundred years ago, when the most of the region looked like this.

Trail Condition

This trail is stroller friendly (best with full sized strollers and not umbrella strollers). It is mostly flat with some mild elevations at certain points.

The short Lily-of-the-valley Trail and other trails in Pacific Spirit Park closed to bikes are more difficult for a stroller, with tree roots and larger rocks scattered throughout, but till doable. Some such trail gates are tighter to get through with a stroller though, and more so if you use a double-stroller. My toddler son loves the adventurous feeling from Lily-of-the-valley trail; walking on tree roots or jumping over rocks are his favourite activities when doing forest walks.

With a double decker, we had to turn the stroller around and pull it over tree roots and rocks on several occasions.

Another challenging part of the trail is crossing 16th avenue to continue on trails that are transected by the 4-lane road with speeding cars. The only traffic light for safer crossing is close to the Westbrook Village. Thus, it is important to be careful when crossing especially when toddlers are crossing as well.

Sharing the Trail

There are a few cyclists along this trail. Dogs are mostly leashed. Sometimes you can also see horseback riders trotting by.


Throughout this loop, there is only 1 wooden bench placed in front of Lily-of-the-Valley trail head. Thus, its’s best to feed before heading out, or you could always feed on the go standing up.


There is a washroom right beside the parking lot. There are no washrooms in the forest.


The Park Center Parking Lot is usually not too busy and has 2 free electric vehicle charging stations.

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