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  • Deer Lake Loop Trail

    Deer Lake Loop Trail

    The past week we all stayed at home due to the poor air quality from all that forest fire going on. So when the air finally cleared today, my boys absolutely can’t wait to go out. We decided to visit one of our most frequented parks, Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. My good friend Amy…

  • Garry Point Park

    Garry Point Park

    We decided to go on a small biking trip with my toddler and one of his best friends today. Since he is just beginning to get comfortable with his balance bike, I want to bring him somewhere that doesn’t have to share the road with cars, preferably a large park that has long and wide…

  • Volunteer Park

    Volunteer Park

    This is one of daddy’s favourite paddling spots so it naturally becomes our most frequented park. The park is separated in two levels, with a small grassy field on the top level and a long stretch of sandy beach at the bottom. The beach is connected to the popular Kits beach and you can access…