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  • Ladner Marsh and Harbour Paddle

    Ladner Marsh and Harbour Paddle

    Quick Facts I originally grouped this post with Deas Slough Paddle, but the two sections of Fraser River, although connected, are quite distinct. Unlike the blind channel in Deas Slough, the water flow in this side branch of Fraser South Arm is heavily affected by tidal current, which is strong enough to reverse the river…

  • Steveston Channel Paddle

    Steveston Channel Paddle

    Quick Facts Parking: 49°07’22.9″N 123°10’39.6″W Launch: 49°07’20.2″N 123°10’39.6″W Traffic: moderate Launching type: dock Motor boat traffic: moderate (commercial fishing vessels) Typical paddling distance: 5km loop in the Steveston Channel Facilities: no toilets available at launch site, free parking, tons of activities in Steveston village View – unique views of historic sites, fishing boats, waterfront condos,…

  • South Thompson River Paddle

    South Thompson River Paddle

    We definitely don’t recommend gunning for distance when taking two little ones on a road trip. For our outbound and homebound journey, we checked in at South Thompson Inn, 25km east of Kamloops, which breaks up the long drive from Vancouver to Lake Louise roughly into two 5-hour chunks. I was very excited to stay…