Sunshine Coast: Ruby Lake

Ruby Lake is a gorgeous lake with a nice resort and restaurant. It’s about 4km across, and it’s popular with boaters. There’s a public boat launch at Ramp Road, and there’s a small sandy beach at Dan Bosch Park down a short dirt path.

Guests at the Ruby Lake Resort could also use their private dock right across the street to launch paddle crafts.

After a great hike to Skookumchuck Narrows, we came to Ruby Lake Resort for dinner and a little bit of exploration. We were out of energy to paddle, so we will put that on our to-do list.

Ruby Lake Resort Reception

The resort surrounds a small Turtle Lagoon, which is closed to recreational activities to protect wildlife. But it does provide a very nice backdrop.

The restaurant was popular so we booked our reservation well in advance. We arrived early, having scrapped our paddling plan, but they were accommodating and allowed us to get seated right away. The restaurant was very rustic and charming, but it was hot on the patio. Air con was nice indoors, but you would miss out on the gorgeous views of the Turtle Lagoon.

I think it would make a nice paddling vacation to spend a few nights in the resort and paddle on Ruby Lake at one’s leisure. There doesn’t seem to be much else for a tourist in Ruby Lake besides the lake and the resort, but it’s pretty close to the communities of Egmont (12km) and Pender Harbour (17km) so one can always hop onto their car and explore the area.

This is a part of our 2022 BC Coastal Circle Tour. Read on!

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