Sunshine Coast: Pender Harbour

If we didn’t have our super generous friends who let us house-sit for a week, and we had to vote on what we think is the best vacation spot the Sunshine Coast, I think Pender Harbour might just be the crème de la crème. Here are some reasons why.

Painted Boat Spa

Rated as one of the best spas on the Sunshine Coast, Painted Boat was high on Tina’s to-do list. We booked a spa time for Grandma and Tina and gave the ladies a much deserved peace and quiet (to rejuvenate enough so that they can take on the kids while Grandpa and I go crabbing and paddling)

The resort and restaurant itself looked nice and inviting, but we didn’t get to take a closer look since it was closed.

Pender Harbour Harbour

Somewhat confusingly, the harbour and boat ramp at Pender Harbour doesn’t seem to have a separate name, so it’s also called Pender Harbour.

It’s a busy public boat ramp with lots of pleasure crafts anchored and moored on the water. Lots of people launch their kayaks here to explore the jagged coastline and islets too. Having a proper boat ramp isn’t a big deal for me with my paddleboard, but it’s fantastic for Grandpa’s inflatable raft.

The Four Lakes

Located in quick succession in Pender Harbour are 4 beautiful small-to-medium lakes that look very inviting for a swim and for beginner paddleboarders to practice. They are Garden Bay Lake, Katherine Lake, Mixal Lake, and Hotel Lake. People seem to just park on the shoulder of the road and jump right in.

Irvines Landing

With some insider intel, we made our way to a little known pier at Irvines Landing. Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station (PODS) is planned here, and there were some construction fencing. There was a concrete ramp behind the fences, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be open to the public or not.

No matter, as the public pier was definitely open for fishing.

We did manage to catch a legal sized red rock crab, but otherwise it was a lot quieter than we expected being so remote and isolated.

We did thoroughly enjoy the crab though!

Pender Harbour offers something for everyone in our family: spa for the ladies, boat ramp access and fishing pier for Grandpa, lots of coastline for me to explore, and nice warm lakes for the kids to play in. Next time we visit the Sunshine Coast, we might have to make this our home base.

This is a part of our 2022 BC Coastal Circle Tour. Read on!

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