Parksville – seaside vacation destination

When we stayed in Nanaimo, we visited Parksville on multiple occasions. In hindsight, we should have looked for a place to stay closer to Parksville since there were so many more things to do around here. No only is it only a short 10 minute drive to the eclectic community of Coombs, Parksville also has some of the nicest beachfront vacation properties around.

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

One of the most popular camping spots on the island, Rathtrevor Beach is famous for its huge sandy beach. Similar to Spanish Banks in Vancouver, the ocean recedes 1km at low tide. Fun for beach-combing but make sure you check for tides if you wanted to paddle.

The campsites were tucked away in the forest and not oceanfront, but it’s an easy short walk to the beach.

The tide was low and the sun was beating down when we visited. The boys played for a few minutes in the sand but we had to retreat and look for shade soon.

They found some grassy patches on the beach.
Opting for some shade

Parksville Community Park

The focal point of Parksville is arguably the popular Parksville Community Park. Even on a weekday, parking can be hard to come by. It features a big playground, a spray park, food trucks, sandy beaches, and from mid July to August, the “Parksville Beach Festival” is on. The festival is centred around a famous sand sculpture competition, with free summer concerts and busters to round it all out.

Spray park

We had some lunch from a nearby food truck, and went to see the sand sculptures. Entrance fee was by donation. It’s worth it to visit the exquisite sand creations.

The boys were inspired and wanted to play in the sand too. Thoughtfully, the festival provided a sand pit with toys for the kids.

With family friendly beaches, seaside accommodation options, and visitor-friendly amenities and attractions, it’s no wonder that Parksville is such a popular vacation destination.

This is a part of our 2022 BC Coastal Circle Tour. Read on!

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