Othello Tunnels [closed]

* Due to devastating storms in November 2021, Othello tunnels trail is closed indefinitely.

Quick Facts:

  • AllTrails link: Othello Tunnels, 2.5km with 40m elevation gain
  • Difficulty: very easy, stroller friendly
  • Traffic: heavy
  • Facilities: pit toilets at the trail head, and 1 or 2 picnic tables at the parking lot
  • View: spectacular tunnels and a deep rocky canyon with a roaring Coquihalla river
  • Overall score: 9/10
Coquihalla Canyon

Othello Tunnels just outside Hope is a very short stroll, but it packs a huge punch in terms of awe-inspiring sights and sounds. It was used as a railway track until it was severely damaged by washouts in 1959, and it was turned into the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park in the 1980’s.

The path is surfaced with loose gravel and essentially flat, making it wheelchair and stroller accessible. Junior had no problem walking the 2.5km distance. The Tunnels make up a portion of the moderately intense Hope-Nicola Valley Loop Trail that we have yet to complete.

Hope-Nicola Valley Trail. 5.6km, 279m elevation gain.

Due to ice and rock falls, the Tunnels are only open from April 1 to October 31, and they can be closed during other times as well depending on the conditions. Check for updates before you head out to avoid disappointment.

We’ve visited the Tunnels with Junior in the past, but one of the benefits of being a toddler is that their earlier memories are not registered at all. Thus they can experience revisit places as if it’s their exciting first time.

This time we stopped by and met up with our friends Amy and Aaron on our way to Manning Park.

The walk starts with a short stroll next to the Coquihalla River.

Pretty soon, we headed into the back-to-back tunnels and bridges.

I brought a head lamp for Junior for some added fun. The first tunnel was the longest and darkest, and without a light it would be hard to see our footing. But a smartphone with a flashlight function would be enough to make sure you don’t step in a puddle.

Into the 2nd tunnel.
Tunnel with a “window”.

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