Gladstone-Riverside-Riverfront Park

To continue our exploration along the Fraser River after Deering Island Park, and Fraser River Park, we decided to go further east and arrived in Gladstone Park.

We came here on 2 separate visits, the first time in late October when it was raining.

We walked east from the parking lot at Gladstone-Riverside Park alone a pleasant, flat gravel stroll with beautiful views of the river to Riverfront Park (I think they are running out of ways to name parks along Fraser River).

Junior had fun watching the different types of boats and the waves they created. It is a working industrial river, so there is a good variety of boats.

The trail is easy and suitable for a relaxing stroll. Stroller friendly throughout. The beginning section can be quite narrow, but after passing the first playground, the trail opens up and is separated between the bike lane and pedestrian lane.

Walk path between Gladstone and Riverfront Park.

There were not many bikes in this park when we were there, so you do see quite a few people walking on the bike lane as well.

After about a 30 minute walk, the trail finishes by Romer’s Burger Bar. Here the waterfront trail was interrupted by construction.

The second time we visited, we came with our good friend David and his son. The weather was much better, and Junior was happy to show his friend how to balance bike.

At Riverfront Park, there was a small grassy knoll and a large field where the toddlers had a blast on their bikes.


Despite the trail being not as long as expected, there are a few activities to do in this park. Speaking of activities, I have to mention the playground, or rather “playgrounds”. There are 3 small playgrounds along this trail. Yes! Three! You can take the kids playground hopping here. The second playground also has a basketball court beside it, giving them some variations. The third playground is the Driftwood Playground beside Romer’s Burger Bar.

You can also picnic here as there are a few picnic tables and benches in Riverfront Park with a covered BBQ hut where we often see people gather there.

There is also a small community garden by the basketball court.


Flush toilets available in Riverfront Park.


Free parking available. There are several spots when we went both on a weekday and weekend.

This is a decent size park with beautiful view of the Fraser River. It’s definitely a nice location for a relaxing stroll and for Junior to bike on. We will likely come again for more biking with Junior. The trail goes much further towards Burnaby and ends in Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park, which we shall visit on a good weather day.

  • Overall score: 6/10
  • Pedestrian Traffic: heavy
  • Pets Traffic: moderate
  • Facilities: Many choices (3 playgrounds and well maintained washrooms available)
  • View: decent view of the Fraser River

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