Rocky Point Park and Shoreline Trail

We’ve covered Rocky Point before, both as a great family-friendly park as well as one of our go-to paddling spots. We came back to enjoy some fall foliage and finish the Shoreline Trail.

Rocky Point Park in the Fall.
One big bonus for coming in the fall is that the ice cream shop wasn’t nearly as busy. Tina was actually the only customer in the shop!

We tackled the Shoreline Trail, aiming at the finish line at Old Orchard Park. It’s an easy 5.8km out-and-back trail, as detailed on AllTrails.

If you are biking or pushing a stroller, we recommend following the bike path instead of the pedestrian path, because the latter is punctuated with inaccessible stairs. I was able to lift the stroller with my dad to get over these obstacles.

On the other hand, you can only check out these very cool, raised boardwalks if you take the pedestrian path.

The bike path was entirely paved and clearly marked. Having said that, it does feature some up and downhills for some added thrills for Junior.

It took us about 1.5hours to get to Old Orchard Park, which is a small park with a playground, a picnic/BBQ shed, and a small muddy beach looking across Burrard Inlet at the much more decked out Rocky Point Park.

As we walked back, Tina asked if I wanted to go paddling. I wasn’t planning on it, but since she asked, who am I to say no? It would surely make an already great outing even more awesome.

As I was preparing, we asked Junior if he wanted to join me too. We explained that the waters here were super calm and there was virtually no risk for us to fall in. He hasn’t been keen on going on my paddleboard recently because he wasn’t a fan of the choppier waters near Vancouver, but to our surprise, he said yes! We double checked, still a yes. And he was even eagerly asking when I was going to be ready as he didn’t want to get left behind.

A paddle with Junior is always more fun than a paddle by myself!

The weather was very good, and it was warm enough that I didn’t even put on my neoprene gloves or shoes.

To our delight, there were also a lot of jellyfish and some playful seals in the inlet.

Where else in Canada can we go paddleboarding with a toddler on Halloween? We are lucky to be here.

Burrard Inlet/Indian Arm Series:

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