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  • Rocky Point Park and Shoreline Trail

    Rocky Point Park and Shoreline Trail

    We’ve covered Rocky Point before, both as a great family-friendly park as well as one of our go-to paddling spots. We came back to enjoy some fall foliage and finish the Shoreline Trail. We tackled the Shoreline Trail, aiming at the finish line at Old Orchard Park. It’s an easy 5.8km out-and-back trail, as detailed…

  • Rocky Point Park

    Rocky Point Park

    After our good friends Alison and Johnny introduced us to this park, it immediately become one of our favourite places to go in Metro Vancouver. This is one of the best family friendly park situated in the heart of Port Moody. Since it was just a 15 minute drive away from Crystal Falls, we decided…

  • Rocky Point Paddle

    Rocky Point Paddle

    Our good friend Johnny and Alison introduced us to Rocky Point Park last year, and we’ve come back several times since. It’s a great family-oriented park with a large grassy field, a spray park, a Pajo’s fish and chips semi-outdoor food stand, a full service Boathouse restaurant, and a very good walking trail. Most importantly,…