Crecsent Park

The fall weather really started to set in around Vancouver in the last few weeks, ushering in single digit temperatures and the famous Vancouver rain. It does put a damper on getting outdoors. Like most kids, Junior doesn’t like to be cold and wet, so we need to step up the game. Usually taking him biking on a nature trail does the trick.

We came to visit Crescent Park in Surrey. It was cloudy with an occasional light drizzle, so everyone had their raincoats on.

The park is only a 800m x 800m square, or just a city block in size, but the densely forested trail network made the park feel quite large. We were able to fully immerse in the trails with minimal city noise almost immediately upon entering the park.

At first Junior was grumpy about being woken up from his nap.
But soon he was blazing down the trails on his balance bike.

The stroller friendly trails were loosely gravelled and well maintained. In the center of the park, there is a small pond but it’s a little swampy and not much to look at.

There are also several open fields, one of which features covered picnic and BBQ areas.

A very meticulously clean washroom and a playground were also available near this picnic area. In the summer time I imagine this would be a very popular hangout for local residents.

Everything was wet so we didn’t let Junior play in the playground today.
  • Pedestrian Traffic: light on a rainy fall day
  • Pet Traffic: moderate, mostly leashed dogs
  • View: nice forest trails that reminded us of Pacific Spirit Park, but with more family friendly options such as picnic, playground, and sport fields.
  • Overall score: 7/10

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