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  • Nicomekl River Paddle

    Nicomekl River Paddle

    Nicomekl is a calm, historic river in Surrey. The popular paddle section flows from the Elgin Road Dam to Blackie Spit, where the river drains into Boundary Bay. Due to the dam, which intentionally cuts off the river almost completely so that sea water doesn’t flow into the farmlands upstream, the river doesn’t actually flow…

  • Crecsent Park

    Crecsent Park

    The fall weather really started to set in around Vancouver in the last few weeks, ushering in single digit temperatures and the famous Vancouver rain. It does put a damper on getting outdoors. Like most kids, Junior doesn’t like to be cold and wet, so we need to step up the game. Usually taking him…

  • Crescent Beach trail

    Crescent Beach trail

    One of our favourite places to take Junior biking is by the beach. Not only can we enjoy some beautiful view of the ocean, but Junior can also enjoy the rocks covered trail creating some bumpy riding experience, which he loves. We decided to visit Crescent Beach today. We strolled down the Crescent Beach Walk,…