Fraser River Park

After visiting Deering Island Park, we became more interested in parks along the Fraser River. For one, the view is beautiful, and we heard that there are boardwalks in some of these parks which is the perfect trail for our cyclist toddler. Our good friends David and Rofie brought us to Fraser River Park earlier this year, and we decided to come back for an afternoon stroll.

Right by the parking lot is a big grassy field with a small knoll in the middle. A flat trail goes by the field and leads onto the riverside boardwalk. The whole trail is stroller friendly.

Junior on the grassy knoll.

Junior loves riding his balance bike on the boardwalk. There’s something special about wheels on wood that makes him love it so much he decided to go really fast…making us having to madly dash after him.

The whole trail surrounding the park is fairly short. We finished the loop just under 30 minutes (that’s also including stopping at a few viewpoints throughout the way).

The view of the Fraser River from this park is beautiful, especially on this nice sunny afternoon. There are also a few big boats going back and forth on the river. Junior enjoyed watching the boats and we soon made identifying the boats into a quick little game.

A heron wading in wet land.


There was moderate pedestrian traffic when we went on a weekday early evening. The boardwalk section is narrower than the other parts of the trail and it can be difficult to maintain a 2m social distance on the boardwalk.


There are a few unleashed dogs at the big field by the park.


Flush toilets available by the parking lot.


There are a few benches in the park for feeding.


Free parking can be found by the lot.

Since our toddler enjoys biking on the boardwalk here, we can see ourselves coming back here a few times for some bicycle fun. Fraser River Park definitely did not disappoint!

  • Pedestrian Traffic: moderate
  • Pets Traffic: moderate
  • Facilities: minimal (no playground)
  • View: mediocre, but good view of different boats
  • Overall score: 6/10

Fraser River Series:

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