Widgeon Falls Hike

After paddling 1.5 hours from Pitt Lake, I went on a 2.9km hike from Widgeon Creek Campsite to Widgeon Falls, thus completing this AllTrails route. The hike goes through some fairly rough terrain, with muddy sections, rocks, tree roots, and some wobbly wooden planks. Not recommended to bring kids in carriers due to these minor hazards, but I did see some grade 6-7 kids doing this hike with their parents.

Widgeon Falls

The falls were a nice feature of the hike, with open areas on large boulders for a rest next to the roaring, emerald green water. Along the hike there was an entrance to an upper section of Widgeon Creek, which was crystal clear but also very cold. We went in for a quick dip but soon my toes were tingling. Rejuvenating for our return paddle for sure.

Widgeon Creek along the Widgeon Falls Trail

Some paddlers who didn’t plan for the hike went on a whim after reaching the campsite, wearing their water shoes. I think it would be preferable to bring a pair of runners at a minimum, but everyone made it safely. I would also bring a daypack for water and valuables, as it wasn’t very comfortable to put a camera, a wallet, and a phone in my swim trunk pockets, while carrying a water bottle in my hand. Things you don’t think about if you only planned to do a paddle trip and forget that a rewarding hike awaits!

Since this hike is only reachable by water, you would need to leave your canoe/kayak/paddleboard at the campsite. Nice if you have friends watching your things, otherwise you would have to trust that thieves don’t work in the back country. No cellphone reception. Pit toilet at campsite. No garbage bins, only food lockers for temporary storage.

  • Difficulty – moderate
  • View – nice view of a small waterfall
  • Traffic volume – light
  • Facilities – pit toilet at trailhead
  • Overall score – 7/10

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