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  • Sunshine Coast: Sechelt

    Sunshine Coast: Sechelt

    Sechelt is the central hub of the Sunshine Coast. It houses the highest population in the region, has the most shops and restaurants, and is basically unavoidable as one travels through. We’ve spent considerable time in Sechelt on our previous trips, including camping at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park, and doing an expedition paddle trip up…

  • Paddle Camping at Sechelt Inlet

    Paddle Camping at Sechelt Inlet

    Since our successful, even transformative paddle camping trip to Indian Arm, Johnny and I have been eager to go again. We narrowed our destinations down to two options: Pitt Lake and Sechelt Inlet. After doing ample research on both, and watching the forecasts for weather and air quality like hawks, we finally settled on Sechelt…

  • Camping and Paddling at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

    Camping and Paddling at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

    Quick Facts: Sunshine Coast is a quick 40 min ferry ride away from Metro Vancouver, but it has a very nice laid-back Island vibe. Taking the ferry also somehow makes the trip feel more like a vacation on a psychological level. With easing COVID 19 restrictions in BC, we went on a 3-night camping trip…