Island 22 Bike Skills Park

After our camping trip at Chilliwack Lake, the boys really wanted to go somewhere biking. After a quick search, we came across this bike park.

Compared to a few pump tracks we went to in the Lower Mainland, this bike park is fairly big with many different levels to try out. And the best part: it’s got shades! There are several trees covering a good portion of the park and one picnic table is available located at the top of the tracks so you can see almost everything from up there. One pit toilet is also available at the entrance.

I really like how the different tracks are colour coded to indicate the difficulty. The 2 boys immediately wanted to try the green track first.

The double black track also looks very fun! But clearly it’s too advanced for us.

Surprisingly there were very few people at the tracks, and most of the time we were there by ourselves. Considering it was a Sunday (most pump tracks we went to were crowded on weekends), this is such a great treat for the boys and very comfortable for us accompanying adults.

Island 22 Regional Park also has a big size dog park located further down the dyke and a walking trail by the river. However, the river trail was closed off when we went so we just stayed at the pump track.

This park is definitely worth a visit if you or the kids are biking enthusiasts and want to up those skills !

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