Killarney Lake Loop – Crippen Regional Park

Quick Facts:

  • AllTrails link: Killarney Lake Loop, with the option of starting right off the ferry (8km) or at the picnic area (4km)
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Traffic: light
  • Facilities: pit toilet at the picnic area with garbage bins and picnic tables. No running water.
  • View: marshy calm lake
  • Overall score: 5/10

Crippen Regional Park is located on Bowen Island, a bit further afield than the other Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. We made a day trip of it with our friends Amy and Marcus’ family and tackled the Killarney Lake Loop.

We drove up to the picnic area where there’s a small parking lot. The picnic area actually has the best views of the lake too.

Starting the hike here is a very manageable 4km loop. One could also start right off the ferry, possibly as a food passenger, which approximately doubles the hike into a 8km outing.

The loop is divided into two sections. The western section is a flat mixed use path of about 1.1km which is accessible by full size strollers. The remaining rolling 2.9km is a hiking trail inaccessible to strollers due to rocks, tree roots, and grade.

We did the loop clockwise, starting with the easier (but more boring) flat section.

Soon we arrived at a boardwalk that marks the start of the hiking section.

Big Bro handled the hike like a boss. Or as he prefers, like a Hiking Ninja Master.

Middle Bro did his best and walked a few sections here and there, so he is still a Ninja Student. We had to remind ourselves that Big Bro didn’t really get strong hiking legs until he was about 4, so our current goal with Middle Bro is cultivating his interest.

The views of the lake was obstructed in most places, and the parts of the lake we could see was marshy and swampy. Sections of boardwalk took us over the most swampy sections and the trail was well maintained.

At the north end of the lake there was a small view point and a single bench, where we took a rest.

Baby Bro had a blast too.

We continued our hike and found a hallowed tree trunk for the kids.

Then, after 3 hours, we finished! Not a word of complaint from Big Bro. In fact, he boasted that he could do the whole loop again. This is definitely not his ceiling yet, since he still had energy to chase Middle Bro around playing tag after our picnic lunch.

Overall, the lake loop is quite similar to Rolley Lake with boardwalks and rolling trails. The Killarney Lake Loop seems better maintained and it’s quieter than similar hikes on the mainland. Combined with the charm of a ferry ride and island exploration, this is a worthy day trip destination.

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