Smuggler Cove Hike

Quick Facts:

  • AllTrails link: Smuggler Cove, modified as a 2km out and back hike to the first fork on the map.
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Traffic: heavy, with lots of dogs
  • Facilities: pit toilet a trailhead
  • View: cool boardwalk through wetland and nice views of Smuggler Cove at the end. After the fork, it wasn’t clear how the trail continues.
  • Overall score: 7/10

We visited the Sunshine Coast in June for a quick getaway with several of our good friends. We decided to do a short and highly rated hike in Smuggler Cove. Early June was still somewhat of a shoulder season on Sunshine Coast, so we made sure to layer up.

The troop

The hike started with a short descend to some wetlands, with well maintained boardwalks for crossing.

The forest cover was sparse, letting in lots of warm sunlight.

The wetland had lots of beaver dams but we didn’t actually see any beavers.

A particular low lying section was very muddy, so I was glad I was wearing waterproof hiking shoes.

Walking at toddler speed, we did the 1km hike to Smuggler Cove in 40 minutes.

The hike on AllTrails goes on in two directions from here, but we couldn’t really see where the trails were. None that was child friendly anyway. We called it a hike and had a snack break.

Smuggler Cove

A kayaker quietly paddle into the cove while we were resting here. Enthused, I hurried down to ask him where he launched. He graciously told me the launch spot, and a paddle plan was quickly formed and realized at the first opportunity.

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