Moodyville Park

Moodyville Park is a small urban park in North Vancouver that features a paved pump track and a playground.

It’s tucked away behind apartment buildings, and the entrance is not well marked. My GPS had a hard time pinpointing where parking spots are, so we had to circle back both times we visited. Navigate to this exact location to save yourself some confusion, but basically you would approach from E 3rd St and turn south on Moody Ave.

The main complaint about this park I have is the lack of parking. There are only 5 parking spots next to the park. The rest overspills onto small residential streets. This seems like a big oversight, since this park was “master planned” as recently as 2019, along with several new new apartment blocks. As a result, it feels like having attraction-level park amenities that rival the likes of Mundy Park in Coquiltam, Ambleside in West Vancouver, and Terra Nova in Richmond mistakenly squeezed into what should have been a quiet neighbourhood park.

Difficulty with parking aside, once you get into the park, it’s plenty of fun for kids.

We first came in November of 2020 to check out the pump track. Junior was very much into biking at the time.

The paved pump track is pretty long and provides several levels of difficulty. But it’s a basically a big pit where everyone goes at their own speed. When it gets crowded, it can be pretty scary for less experienced kids.

We came back today with our friends Tom and Alison, and we checked out the playground more. There were several big wooden structures to play on, some swings, and a zip line.

There was a big slide too, too big for Junior and Little Bro’s liking so they didn’t try it.

For an urban park, Moodyville definitely has above-average playground amenities. The pump track was top notch. But besides the playground and pump track, there isn’t much else to do or check out due to the small size of the park.

If you were looking for a paved pump track for a biking/scooter enthusiast, or if you were in the vicinity and there’s some toddler energy that needed draining, this is worth checking out.

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