Whonnock Lake

Quick Facts

Whonnock Lake is a small, calm lake in Maple Ridge, accessible to the public from Whonnock Lake Park.

Swimming dock at Whonnock Lake.

At about 800m in diameter, it’s on par with the nearby Rolley Lake in size. Being a small municipal park, the parking lot here is much smaller and there is no trail around the lake. The park features a sandy beach, a playground, a covered gazebo picnic area, which provides a great variety of activities for children.

Whonnock Lake is home to the Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club. Richard Rosenthal, vice-commodore of the club of the club donated $10,000 to rebuild a flat water race course in honor of his late wife Laura Rosenthal.

The Laura Rosenthal Race Course at Whonnock Lake.

I saw a series of buoys across much of the lake, which is probably what marks the race course. If I have a chance to paddle here, I will explore more from the water.

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