Mundy Park

Mundy Park is a 178 hectare park in Coquitlam, featuring a stroller-accessible gravel walk through a lush forest, with a small tranquil lake in the centre of the park. It also has an epic looking playground, a small pump track, a sheltered picnic area, a disc-golf course, an outdoor pool, and some sport fields.

We followed the Perimeter Trail counter-clockwise from the playground.

The blue trail is the Perimeter Trail (4.3km).

The entire Perimeter Trail was very flat and stroller friendly. Dogs are required to be leashed after 10am. Throughout our walk, 95% of the dogs were actually leashed (it has been our experience that most dog owners ignore the rules)! We only met one oblivious dog owner on this trail walking with a folded leash in her hand, probably at the ready to leash her dog if she noticed any sign of by-law officers.

The southeast corner of the park is an off-leash area, and the perimeter trail does intersect with the off-leash trails. At this junction, an excited golden retriever came sniffing around Junior, who didn’t like dogs very much. He handled it quite well though, and just carried on walking after the owner recalled her dog.

With minimum grades, Junior managed to do about half of the whole walk (about 2km) today.

We encountered a slightly steep uphill near the northeast corner of the Perimeter Trail. Not too hard to push the double stroller up with 20kg of baby cargo, but it did require some core strength.

We didn’t just want to do the Perimeter Trail and miss the Mundy Lake, so we tried this path down:

It was not stroller friendly.

Undeterred, we walked down the Interlaken Trail a bit further and tried this shorter path instead:

Mundy Lake

Mundy Lake was very still and quiet. It’s at a low point in the park, so it’s prone to flooding after rain. I also noticed that there was no cellphone reception near the lake, due to the geography.

We enjoyed a quick lunch at a park bench by the lake, and explored the trails a little bit more, before getting back onto Perimeter Trail and back to our parking spot.

Mundy Park is a great little urban park. The forest walk is reminiscent of Pacific Spirit and Surrey’s Crescent Park, and the children’s playground is one of the best we’ve seen in Metro Vancouver, on par with Richmond’s Terra Nova. As a result, the parking lot closest to the playground was packed even on a weekday.

For a family friendly park with lots of options for activities, plus a high qualify, stroller-friendly walk through a pleasant forest, Mundy Park is worth a visit.

  • Pedestrian Traffic: heavy
  • Pet Traffic: moderate, dogs almost all on leash
  • View: nice forest trails with a cute little lake
  • Overall score: 7/10

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