Cypress Falls Park Trail

I recently came across an article on local waterfalls worth visiting, and Cypress Falls caught my eyes. It’s not too far away and seems like a short hike that we can challenge junior to complete. To our surprise, what we thought may be an easy hike is actually quite difficult at some parts, but junior completed 1/3 of it nonetheless.

Junior doing this moderate hike like a champ.

Trail Condition

For this moderate level hike we followed the trail here. It is a 2 km out and back trail. Once you entered into the trail from the parking lot, you’ll immediately feel a sudden immersion into a forested land, which is a big contrast from the residential area just beside it. It is a beautiful trail with lots of greens and tall trees. The trail consists of many rocks and tree roots with some steep climbs at certain parts. Strollers cannot be used here.

Yes, the trail goes through these rocks. There were many sections like this with lots of tree roots and rocks.

The tricky thing about this trail is that it’s direction is not clearly marked. We had to follow the orange stickered trees but accidentally made a wrong turn at the wooden bridge. If you cross the bridge like we did, you will soon have to climb over a very steep hill which leads to a flat trail at the top. It is not until 10 minutes on this flat trail we noticed we are further away from the waters, and the sound of a waterfall became even more distanced. I’m sure the flat trail is another trail that may lead to somewhere else but we decided to turn back especially when our toddler is so eager to find the waterfall.

It’s very easy to get misled by this bridge. The trail to the waterfall actually goes uphill instead of across this bridge. The uphill climb was very poorly marked and quite easy to miss.

Once you reach the wooden bridge, do not cross it, but rather hike towards the left of it up a small hill. And follow the orange stickers toward the trail that leads to the waterfall. The waterfall will soon appear after you pass through a gate.

Compared to a few waterfalls we’ve reviewed so far (Brandywine, Bridal Veil, and of course, Takakkaw), I’d say this is a beautiful yet dainty little waterfall. You will be looking down at the falls since the trail takes you pretty high up, but the distance keeps you from feeling the full impact of the water. We are also surprised to see some rock climbers climbing beside the falls.


Closer to the parking lot is a big open park with baseball fields. Beside it is a tennis court that seems pretty popular. We sat on the grass to have a quick picnic before the hike. There are no picnic tables nor chairs in the park nor on the trail.


It was surprisingly quiet when we went on a Sunday morning. However, this place does get crowded sometime, so do plan to come earlier in the day.


There were several off leash dogs on the trail. So be aware if you have little kids that are more sensitive to them.


There are no chairs nor any picnic tables along the trail. However, there are lots and lots of big tree branches that can function as chairs for feeding.


Surprisingly, for a trail as popular as this, there are no washroom throughout the trail nor at the parking lot.

Overall, this is a very good trail for the adventurous toddler who likes to go up and down steep hills. Junior had lots of fun climbing and felt so accomplished when he finally made it to the top. We do hope that there can be more facilities closer to the trail.

  • Difficulty: moderate, challenging but fun for toddlers
  • Foot traffic: moderate
  • Pet traffic: moderate
  • Facilities: minimal to none
  • View: Beautiful waterfall, average forest view on the trail
  • Overall score: 6/10

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