Hike to Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

Quick Facts:

  • AllTrails link: Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, 12km with 480m elevation gain
  • Difficulty – challenging, strenuous with several hazardous sections. I think this may be close to the limit of our abilities for carrying toddlers on backpacks.
  • View – awe-inspiring
  • Traffic volume – moderate foot traffic and considerable horse traffic
  • Facilities – pit toilets at the Tea House, with some beverages and simple food items
  • Overall score – 10/10

Lake Louise is famous not just for the lake, but also the great hikes around it. We tackled the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail with one modification: we stopped at the Teahouse, forgoing the last 1.2km of climbing to the Six glaciers viewpoint, shortening this to a 12km out and back trail.

The first 2.6km of the hike follows the completely flat, stroller-friendly and super-busy Lake Louise Lakefront Trail which features lots of photo opportunities of Lake Louise. Unlike Moraine Lake, though, Lake Louise basically has one good angle and it’s right at the front of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Walking on the Lakefront Trail doesn’t offer much better views of the lake with the famous glaciers, but it does allow you to turn around and snap some photos of the hotel.

After getting through the crowded Lakefront Trail, we stopped to admire some rock climbers. After that, we hit the end of the lake and start our ascend.

After leaving Lakefront Trail, the next section is shared by horses. We managed to run into several groups of riders on guided horseback tours.

But that also means the trail is littered with the occasional horse manure. Junior kept asking “what’s that smell?”

The climb up was steady, with a few steeper sections that make you work for it a little. It’s do-able enough that Junior jumped off my back for a try too.

We hiked through a few different terrains, including meadow, moraine pile, and hiking on cliff face, with many sections too difficult for a toddler.

Neat little meadow.

A pile of moraine.
Hiking on a cliff. Queue epic music and camera pan…
…then kill the epic mood with a silly selfie.
No, Junior was not allowed to walk here.

All the while, we were awed by the grand glaciers and giant peaks that surrounded us.

Where as his and his brother’s usual looks are that of comedic relief…

… the magnificent view even inspired an electrifying look from Little Bro that is worthy of a profile photo.


After grinding for 2 hours, we arrived at the Tea House. It’s a neat little wooden hut that serves some beverages, pastries and soup.

The staff working there explained that they work in multi-day shifts, hiking in and hiking out at shift change. They used to bring in the supplies on horseback, but now they fly them in by helicopter.

We stayed for a picnic and some rest. There are 2 pit toilets and several picnic tables and benches near a flowing stream of freezing glacier melt water.

After being rejuvenated, we head back down the same way. The major difference: Tina carried Little Bro all the way back to the hotel!

Finishing the hike with a smile, after carrying the 11kg backpack 6.2km downhill for 2 hours.

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