Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Along our road trip to the Rockies, we decided to explore Interior BC as we haven’t done many hikes along this direction. After a couple hours on Highway 1, we arrived at Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park as our first stop.

Trail Condition

This is a fairly short, 1km loop hike that is suitable for kids as it is only a 15 minute walk up to see the Bridal Veil Falls.

This is the first sign you see from the parking lot, so most people turn right to go to the falls. If you cross the small bridge you can walk to the falls on Woodland Trail, which takes about the same amount of time but has much fewer people.

The trail is not stroller friendly as there are lots of rocks and tree roots which can make the stroller very hard to go through, but despite these occasional bumps the gravel road is generally smooth that doesn’t involve too much climbing. There is a small creek that runs along the forest trail.

After a short stroll, you’ll see the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls. There is a lookout platform to view the falls. The falls do seem a bit far from the platform , so many visitors would attempt to climb closer by going up some rocky roads. Going over the platform is strongly advised against, as there are loose rocks that maybe quite unsteady to walk on.

The falls sure is beautiful! It looks like a silky veil covering a magnificent rock. With the trees and the greens along the falls, the whole thing looks like a beautiful art piece!

Same pose from 2019.

We took the Woodland trail back. This trail has some stairs and small bridges giving some variety to the trail.

We completed this trail in about 30 minutes since my toddler doesn’t feel like walking today. He did enjoy watching the falls though and made several cute comments about the big trees.


There are too many people on this short trail to our liking. Especially on the trail to the falls, you can see people everywhere. Woodland trail is less crowded, so it may be an option to go up and down through Woodland trail to avoid the crowds.

Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times.

There are no cycling on this trail


There are several picnic tables at the trail head close to the parking lot. There is also a BBQ stand if you want to make some hot food. A small creek runs close by the picnic area as well. However, the tables are taken pretty quickly as this is a popular spot among visitors.


There are flush toilets by the parking lot at the trail head. Just be careful of the tight spaces in the stalls. No other washroom is around throughout the short trail.


There is a decent sized lot at the trail head. Parking can be crowded at times, but since the trail is so short , people come and go so it’s not that difficult to find a space.

Did you Know…

Bridal Veil Falls used to generate electricity for the Bridal falls Chalet in the early 1900s before it became a provincial park. You can only see remnants of the power generator now.

This trail may be fun for toddlers to hike on since it’s pretty short and easy to complete; however, there is just too many people here at this time of year. We may not want to come back here until the traffic has calmed down a bit.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Foot Traffic: Too Crowded
  • Pets Traffic: Minimal
  • View: Moderate view on the trails, The falls is beautiful
  • Facilities: Picnic tables available, toilets available
  • Overall score: 5/10

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