Alice Lake Paddle

  • Launching: beach launch
  • Parking: day use parking lots
  • Difficulty – very easy
  • Boat traffic – none
  • View – bland
  • Facilities – free parking, flush toilet, kayak rental, picnic tables, playground
  • Overall score – 4/10

For camping near Vancouver, Alice Lake Provincial Park is always a popular choice. It’s a very accessible 1-hour drive from Vancouver, and it features hot water showers, easy children-friendly hikes, and a great little swimming lake.

Alice Lake in the afternoon sun.

Alice Lake itself is a small lake of about 1km in circumference, so completing a full lap on a paddleboard would only take about 15-30 minutes. Due to its small size, the water is usually very calm. There isn’t much of a view to speak of, as the lake is surrounded by small hills with uniform trees. Good for a practice session if you are close by, but otherwise definitely not destination worthy for paddling in itself.

For beginner campers and paddleboarders, though, this is a fantastic place to camp for a weekend and practice paddleboarding as much as your heart desires!

Alice Lake on a cloudy day.

For driving directions, aim for the day use/picnic area, which is a right turn off Alice Lake Road. Don’t go to the campsite entrance (unless, of course, you are camping). The day use parking lot is here, and it’s a short walk to launch.

One of the small beaches close to the parking lot where you can launch a SUP.

There is SUP/kayak/canoe rental available. The advertised opening time is 10am to 6pm every day, but it was closed at 4pm at least on one of the occasions we visited.

It would be quite annoying if you planned on renting from them but find them unexpectedly closed.

There are good beach facilities, including flush toilets, a playground, picnic areas, swimming areas, and hiking trails. We reviewed our hike/stroll around Alice Lake here.

Due to time constraints we didn’t get to paddleboard on Alice Lake in our August trip to Whistler. Here Junior looks longingly to some others having fun.

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