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  • Dog Mountain Snowshoe

    Dog Mountain Snowshoe

    Quick Facts: AllTrails link: Dog Mountain Trail  Difficulty: green snowshoe trail (took us 3 hours to complete) Traffic: very busy on weekends Facilities: flush toilet in the ski resort View: spectacular views of Metro Vancouver Overall score: 8/10 Dog Mountain Trail is one of the most popular, beginner-friendly snowshoeing trails around Vancouver. It is very…

  • Discovery Snowshoe Trails on Mt Seymour

    Discovery Snowshoe Trails on Mt Seymour

    For an easy, well marked, well maintained and moderately trafficked snowshoe trail in the Lower Mainland, we recommend the Discovery Snowshoe Trails on Mt Seymour. Day passes are $15 for adults, $35 including snowshoe rentals, and limited season passes are available. We got our season passes before they sold out. An added bonus is that…

  • Toddler Ski Lessons 4-7

    Toddler Ski Lessons 4-7

    We tried to build on the success and progress from our ski lessons 1-3, and hit the slopes pre-season a bunch more times. During our Lesson 4, we hit a small hiccup: it was snowing. We thought Junior’s enthusiasm was enough to conquer a little bit of dry snow, but he was having none of…