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  • New Paddling Achievement at Buntzen Lake

    New Paddling Achievement at Buntzen Lake

    The Preparation I had enthusiastically bought a kids’ paddleboard 2 years ago (Thurso Surf Prodigy Junior, 7 feet 6), thinking it would be awesome to paddle with the boys. But after a few attempts, Big Bro just couldn’t get the hang of it yet. The board was unceremoniously tucked away in storage most of the…

  • Buntzen Lake Paddle

    Buntzen Lake Paddle

    Quick Facts Most updated Paddle report: July 2024 Paddle report: February 2021 On a previous attempt, we came to Buntzen Lake around noon on a Saturday to find the park entrance closed again even in January. We joked that we had the least amount of luck with Buntzen Lake out of all the places we…

  • Buntzen Lake Trail

    Buntzen Lake Trail

    Quick Facts: AllTrails link: Buntzen Lake Trail Difficulty: moderate (eastern section easier than the western section, with option to walk back to parking lot on Pipeline Trail which is a flat service road.) Traffic: extremely busy on weekends especially in warmer months, parking lot may be full. We don’t even try to come here on…