List of Hikes

Lower Mainland

Stroller Friendly Hikes

These “hikes” can also be considered “strolls”, since they are relatively (or entirely) flat with minimal obstacles, and doable with a sturdy, full sized stroller.

Toddler Friendly Easy Hikes

Not stroller accessible, but quite doable for an active toddler. A back-up plan such as a backpack carrier is recommended in case said toddler gets tired out.

Moderate Hikes

These hikes are moderately strenuous and long, so a toddler should not be expected to finish these without significant help (usually in the form of napping 50% of the way or more in their backpack carrier). The adult also needs to be reasonably fit.

Harder Hikes

These are longer and harder than the moderate hikes, and I would recommend hiking in groups with proper backpack carriers designed for hiking.

Hikes Outside Lower Mainland

These hikes are beyond the Lower Mainland and categorized by general location.